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Large Flight School - (Part 141/142)

This system is designed for very large flight schools. This system is comparable to systems used at large flight training universities such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. This web based database system covers invoice printing, employee timecards, aircraft maintenance tracking, and professional resource scheduling. It is packed with features from personalized weather reports to numerous accounts for all employees, students, and customers. Extensive training being provided by instructors requires minimal time scheduling students. This system comes with a strategic calendar with a weekly display broken down into 15 min time segments that display aircraft, student, and instructor availability simultaneously. Email is sent out to the students every time they are scheduled. Flight following will show which aircraft are currently dispatched and which aircraft have returned safetly. It will track when an aircraft is down for maintenance or back on the line. Online reports will show how to more efficiently divide your workforce. This will increase aircraft utilization. Scheduling conflicts will be caught before they can be created. The system is highly custimizable to to conform to the standards of the school's Operation Manual. Try it out for Free!!!

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  • Flight Instructor Package
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  • Medical Examiner Package
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  • Flight School Package
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  • Flying Club Package
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