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Overall Features of this System


Current Features
  • Administrative accounts
           All accounts have an administrator login to set up aircraft, instructors, students, physcians,
           renters, club members, and many more features.

  • Individual User System
           Everyone who works for the company or indivudal who has an admin account will get their own
           account. They will be able to set up their own preferences. They will be able to log in
           wherever there is an internet connection for maximum productivity.

  • Aircraft Schedule System
           Instructors, Students, and all other Pilots can schedule aircraft that are shown as available.
           Aircraft can be set as available for training, rental, and/or solo. Specific aircraft can be
           restricted to specific students and instructors.

  • Flight School/Instructor Search Engine
           Every admin account has a public address that can be added. Visitors can then search for these
           FBOs, flight schools, or freelance instructors at no charge. Brief information can be provided.

  • FAA Check Airman (DPE) Search Engine
           Every admin account has a public address that can be added. Visitors can then search for these
           Designated Examiners at no charge. Brief information can be provided.

  • Flight Physical Schedules and Search Engine
           Flight Physicians can set up accounts and schedules here. Visitors can make appointments
           based on open time in the doctor's schedule. They will be able to search by location. Brief
           information can be provided such as prices or classes offered.

    Features Coming Soon
  • Invoice and Timesheet System
           Every time an aircraft or ground activity is completed, an invoice can be setup which stores
           flight / ground time, hobbs time, night time, dual given, etc. The invoices can be printed and
           used for charging customers. Time cards will also be displayed for instructors to show actual
           time worked. The Hobbs / Tach recorded allow tracking of every minute the aircraft is used.

  • Decoded Weather Infomation Display for your Training Location
           A quick weather link will show current METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, Notams, and Pireps for the
            surrounding area. This is great for flight students to view before they come in for a lesson.

  • Flight School News for all Users to View
           Administrators can update a news section so that all users of their account can view this
           information. This is useful so that special events, new procedures, and important
           announcements can be easily passed on.

  •      Packages Available
    *** First Month Free on all Packages ***
  • Flight Instructor Package
           $9.99 / Month
  • Medical Examiner Package
           $19.99 / Month
  • Small School/FBO Package
           $29.99 / Month
  • Flight School Package
           $99.99 / Month
  • Designated Examiner Package
           $14.99 / Month
  • Flying Club Package
           $14.99 / Month

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