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Flight Training Costs


Flight Training Costs

Flight training costs vary with flight schools. Here is a break down of fees:

Aircraft Rental/Lease Fee
Unless you own your own aircraft already, you will have to rent the aircraft that the flight school or flight instructor has available. You may also purchase or lease an aircraft though certain companies but that gets a little more complicated with insurance and registration fees. Single engine aircraft rental seems to be in the area of $60-$110 per hour depending on location and aircraft model. Multi engine aircraft rental is usually in the $200 per hour range.

Instructor Time
Whenever you are receiving training from an instructor whether it is on the ground or in flight, you will have to pay for his/her time. Instructor rates are generally not less than $30/hour and avereage out to about $40 an hour. Some schools/instructors charge slightly more if it is an advanced course or advanced aircraft. Flight schools only give a portion of this money to the instructors and keep the rest for profit.

Exam Fees
For all licenses and ratings, there is a written test and a final check ride. The written test costs around $80 to take. An instructor endorsement is required to take most written tests. Check rides require a DPE or Designated Pilot Examiner. Some flight schools can do self-examination but most require an outside DPE. The examiners charge between $300 and $500 for the entire checkride. This fee is for their time for the oral and flight portion. This does not include plane rental.

Pilot Insurance
This is optional for the most part with flight training. The reason is beecause flight schools are insurred in case of an accident. Medical and structual damage will be covered in the case of an accident. Now if you have flight training with a freelance flight instructor, most likely that instructor has insurance. If anything were to happen, you instructor would be liable also. If you are a private pilot, insurance is recommended for aircraft rentals. When you rent an aircraft, some FBOs have a deductable that you will be liable for. Your insurance can cover this.

Flight Training Supplies
Last but certainly not least are the supplies. The first tool you will need is the headset. Headsets are the ear muff looking things you put on your head. They have a boom microphone. They plug into the aircraft for radio communication. Other supplies include aircraft manuals, flight math calculators, cross-country log pages, study guides, fuel drainer, and specific course material.

Article by Joshua Madovoy

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