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Getting started with Flight Training


Flight Training Getting Started

Getting started with flight training is very simple. All you really need is the desire to fly. Well, money also. No matter where you live, flight training is usually within an hour drive. As this site grows you can search for flight schools and instructors here.

The first thing you will need right away is a student pilot certificate and a medical. A 3rd class medical is all that is required but I recommend you go in for a 1st class medical. At the same time, request a student pilot certificate. A student pilot certificate is required for flight training and expires every 24 calendar months. A calendar month means that it expires on the last day of the last month. Student pilot certificates are free.

Once you find a nearby small airport in your town, take a drive over there. Find the main terminal. Walk around. Talk with people there. Most of the people you see are pilots. Pilots love to talk. Especially instructors. Myself included.

The first course you generally take is a private pilot course. The other option is called Recreational. I personally recommend the private course over the recreational course. So all you have to do is find that flight school or business card of that freelance instructor at that small airport in your town. Give that person or school a call. And take an intro flight lesson. What is great about an intro flight lesson is that you get a briefing on the ground by a professional flight instructor, you get to go up for a 30 min flight with that instructor for a relatively cheap price, and you get to have a post brief with that same instructor at the end. If you absolutely love everything that has just happened, then you are ready. The instructor will guide you with everything you need. Everyone is different so there is no exact answer to what you need.

In my experience, I see an avereage of about $5000 spent on earning a private pilot certificate.

Article by Joshua Madovoy

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