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Flight Physical Preperation


Flight Medical Preperation

To prepare for a medical is simple. If you wear glasses or contacts, bring them. They will check your eyes with and without your correction lenses. There is no limit to eye glass perscription as long as your eyes are correctable to the medical class standards. Most facilities take personal checks. Some take credit cards. You may find a medical examiner near you by searching this site. They are listed in the yellow pages as well.

A 1st and 2nd class medical have virtually the same standards. Eyes must be corrected to 20/20 for near/distant/intermediate vision. Ears must be able to hear a whisper accross a room. Reflexes must be normal. A urine test will make sure there are no problems with body suger levels. When you are 40 years old and 45 or older, you must get a cardiac exam done as well.

Most importantly, if you meet these standards when you take the exam, you will get the piece of paper that is called your medical. However, if you fail to meet these standards at any time, your medical is legally invalid. For example, you passed the 20/20 test and received you medical from Dr. Joe. Five months later, you notice your vision has deterierated. Unless you go get corrected lenses to have 20/20 vision when you fly, your are legally obligated to not fly.

Article by Joshua Madovoy

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